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Snapchat is an emerging social media phenomenon. With its growing use and fame, everyone is trying to master it in different ways. Apparently it is an easy to do thing but it requires a lot of proficiency. By making use of the simple tools the user can make the best use of the snapchat. The working is now known to everyone, and even if they don’t know they can look for several online tutorials to learn more about snapchat. Despite the availability of the instructions and manuals there are certain secret tips and tricks that are not too commonly introduced to the public. Some of these top listing tricks that can help you use the snapchat in a better way include the following:

More Colors More Effects 

By clicking on the pencil icon in the right corner opens an option of using several colors. These colors are utilized for making doodles on the snaps you want to share. Some colors like white, gray and black cannot be accessed with direct touch, instead you need to open a color bar by moving the finger towards the edges of the screen. With a wide variety of color option it is possible to make your snap look more fascinating and leaves amazing results. Doodling with colors reveals the real creative you inside that are hidden and still not visible before your audience.

Adding a List Of Filters:

A snap looks really great when it is given special effects with the help of the filters. These filters can give a dramatic look to your creations. The effects can be more impressive if two filters are mixed together. In case of the first filter you can choose a color of your choice, while in case of the second one you may look for a banner overlay. The merger of the two filters gives a completely new looks to the snap.

Snapchat filters , IT Tips and Tricks

Make Your Snaps Look Mysteries And Dramatic:

Do you want to add some drama to the snaps? Start switching to the night mode camera mode. Take a snap in limited light. As you are ready to click in the dying light you will observe a half moon appearing in the right corner of the screen. This makes your snap look melodramatic.

Add Emoji To Express Your Friendliness:

planning to chat with a friend or sending a message. Add some fun. Use emojis to represent your friend. Names of some of your friends also have some emoji representations, which can be used to replace their names in words. There is a wide range of emojis to express all that you think and feel. They can be used to express your emotions, feelings, love, passion, greetings etc. Some emojis appear automatically, like a new friend in your list is represented with a baby sign.

Fun With The Playlists:

Instead of watching all the snaps or stories sent by the friends, choose from their sent messages. Mark them and they will appear as a purple dot.