Snapchat filters , IT Tips and Tricks

Expressing With Visuals

The snapchat is an effective way to express your emotions and transform them into a message for your loved ones in a creative way. The pictures captured with ordinary cameras can be transformed into amazing snaps by treating them with the innovative snapchat filters. Using filters is tricky but neither impossible nor difficult. To get the most appropriate filter for your snaps it is important to explore the world of filters.

Tips and Tricks to Use Snapchat Filters:

Some helpful tips and tricks to use the most appropriate snapchat are as follows:

Know the filters: Before using the filters get to know the filters. Each filter is there with its instructions to use it properly. The task of exploring the filters is not complicated. Simply move your fingers right and left to read what each filter has for you. Before adding the filters don’t forget to update the snapchat updates. The filters are constantly updated, hence to get the best of them use the updated version of the snapchat. If you have already installed the app, it can be easily updated through the Google play store or iPhone App store. Now when you know the essentials follow the underneath steps to make the best use of your available filters:

  • Enble the filter option: Enable the option of using the filters by visiting the settings menu, followed by tapping on the M manage references option. Choose the option of filters and then switch it on. The option will be marked green after it is switched on.                       Snapchat filters , Enable Snapchat filters, IT Tips and Tricks
  • Enable your location: It is also important to enable your location so that the loved ones actually know where these snaps were taken. Besides this some filters can be used only when the location option is working.                                                                                  Snapchat filters , Enable Location, IT Tips and Tricks
  • Captures The Photos or Videos: The process begins with capturing a photograph or recording a video. The photograph can be captured by simply pressing the large circle, while for the video recording hold the same for at least 190 seconds. By pressing the circle for some time you can determine the time for which you want to display the photograph. The maximum duration of appearance is 10 seconds. The sounds can be muted by tapping the audio button I the left corner.
  • Choosing The Right Filter:The filters are made available for each of your snap and video by swiping the photo left or right.                                                                                Snapchat filters , Right Filter , IT Tips and Tricks
  • Geo Filters: Geo filters are very interesting feature among the filter options. They are available only when the location option is switched on. These filters are usually city ad community based. If a brand wants to customize their filters based on location, they can launch a request and do so through the on-demand filters.
  • Video Filters: Video filters are meant only for the videos. They include the rewind, fast forward, faster forward, and slow motion options. They are marked with the three arrows facing left, a rabbit, rabbit with line above and below it, and a snail respectively.                  Snapchat filters , Snapchat video Filters
  • Data filters:If you want to add some perspective to your snaps, it is easily done with the help of data filters. These filters are actually meant to show the status of various mobile functions. They include the Battery Life, time/date, temperature and the speed of the picture and the video.
    • Color filters:Colors are an integral part of the picture of video. By simply altering the tints and shades through the color filters, or removing the colors a completely new look can be added to the snaps.
    • Vintage and sepia filters:The options of vintage and sepia filters make the snaps look great as they add an ancient look or a dull yellowish-brown shade to the snaps.