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Snapchat Trophies, Fun With Visuals

With the growing craze and passion for the social media, several innovative apps have been introduced to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones. In the list of twitter, whats app, and facebook it seems difficult to have an app that can make a real difference, but snap chat did it very well. It is an interesting platform to communicate and share your pleasant moments with your near and dear ones. It makes use of the pictures and the videos that are subject to self destruction after sometime. The users can also interact through the text message and the video call message. The messages become really interesting when emojis are added to them. They become the interesting way to tell the people how you feel and what you feel. To get the whole world of emojis it is important to grab all the trophies. The more trophies you win the more emojis you can use in your communication. These snapchat trophies can be added to the cabinet after the completion of certain tasks.

Snapchat Trophies, Unlock Snapchat Trophies, ITTipsandTricks

Winning The Snapchat Trophies

Some of the trophies can be captured very easily by merely sending a particular kind of the message or photograph or video. Still there are some, which require much more than this. It depends how well and how quick you are in learning about these tasks and then accomplishing them successfully. It is more of a trial and error thing to get hold of all these trophies. The list will keep growing and improving.

The Most Renowned Snapchat Trophies and Emojis:

Currently the list of emojis and related trophies is as follows:

  • Win a video tape emoji by simply sending any video.
  • Send 50 videos to earn a chance of using the Movie camera emoji.
  • The video camera emoj can be used after sending 500 videos.
  • Using a temperature filter showing temperature more than the 100 degrees Fahrenheit can give you a chance to use Sun face emoji.
  • Snowflake emoji is won after sending an interesting snap with the temperature filter below freezing.
  • Switch on your front flash and take 10 snaps to get the Flashlight emoji.
  • Ogre emoji can be won by sending 1,000 snaps taken by the front-facing camera.
  • While making a video flip your camera once to enjoy the Loop once emoji, while flipping the cam ten times can earn you a rotate emoji.
  • Let your friends try hard to listen to a dumb video, and as a result you will enjoy the Hear no evil monkey emoji.
  • If you send in the ten zoomed pics to your acquaintance, you will get a chance to have fun with the Magnifying glass emoji.
  • Use large text for 100 snaps and this will help you win the trophy for ABCD emoji.
  • If you are in love with a panda, then the Panda emoji can be added to your collection by sending 50 snaps edited with the black and white filters.
  • Use night mode for sending 50 snaps and enjoy the Moon face emoji.

The list is long enough, but if you are a passionate user it is not difficult to get hold of all the trophies that can give you other interesting emojis like frying pan emoji, Lollipop emoji, rainbow emoji, and many more.