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People using iPhones as their primary gadget often think that as they are using it for a long time, they know everything about them. The picture is absolutely different. They are hardly aware of many interesting features that are absolutely hidden. When these features are revealed, the users think that they were actually missing a lot while using the iPhone. These features are fun, and sophistication both. From dialing a contact to sending a message there are several features that lie locked in the treasure chest of the iPhone? Some interesting and worth mentioning hidden features are as follows:

  1. Redialing Magic:If you don’t feel like tiring the fingers by redialing the same number in the call log there is great Redial option in the features. The user needs to just press the green call button once and then get connected with your last receiver.
  2. Speed upp by clearing the cache:The phone can start getting slow due to the cache in several of Apple’s apps. This problem can be comfortably resolved by the user by removing and clearing the cache with such apps. Just click on the any single tab in the lower screen for 10 seconds
  3. Improve the TouchID function:To make the TouchID work faster try saving your fingerprint several times.
  4. Easy access to calculator:Looking for a quick mathematical solution? No need to spend extra seconds in opening the calculator. Just pull down the Spotlight icon and type your problem. The answer will come before you.
  5. Swiping away the mistyped numbers:Human error is inevitable. Sometimes it happens when you are working with your calculator. There are times when wrong data is fed in the system leading to wrong answers. Don’t worry the number deletion hidden feature can work easily in this case? Just tap the mistyped number or digit by swiping right or left on the screen.
  6. Clearing the RAM:Like the cache has to be removed for quick working of the phone, the RAM has to clear also. This can be done by holding the power button in the downward direction. Leave the button. The screen will turn and you will reach your home screen again.
  7. Burst photos: Photos taken in the burst mode are great because they give a wide option to choose the best click of the same object from a series of pictures. Just hold longer than usual on the black camera’s shutter button and get the results in the burst mode.
  8. Reaching the cam with volume button:Once you are on the home screen there is no need to reach the camera app. Just touch the volume button and start enjoying the camera.
  9. Swipe Up the cam to switch off the flash:You never know when you will need the flashlight. Once switched on it is important to switch it off to save the battery. There is no need to open the control panel. To switch off the flashlight iPhone has a great hidden feature. Just reach out for the camera icon on the lock screen. Swipe it upwards and the flashlight is gone.
  10. Desktop version of the desired site:Just reach out for the reload button in the URL bar and enjoy the desktop version of the site you are visiting.