How to Hack Wi-Fi Passwords, How To, Hack Wifi

If you use Wi-Fi internet at your home, or some Wi-Fi connection close to your home which always pop ups in a list of the available connections under the range of your laptop or smart phone. If you see a lock in front of the name of Wi-Fi, it shows that the Wi-Fi security is ON. It means you cannot connect to that internet without entering the correct password.

What if you forgot the password of your Wi-Fi network and don’t have access the neighbors network. You only have the option to go to a cafe and use Wi-Fi there. You can download an app like Wi-Fi Map for you phone and can get more than two million hotspots with free Wi-Fi to take. There are also other ways to go back to wireless as some need so much patience.

Reset your router

Before resetting the router you can reset the password of your wireless just by logging in to router. The problem occurs when you forget the password of router as well. If you can access the router physically then this is the only way to reset the router. There is a reset button on every router. Press it with some pin or pen and hold it for around 10 seconds, the router will automatically reset its factory settings. If your service provider provided you with a router then check a label on the router before resetting because they often print password of Wi-Fi on that sticker.

Reset the Router

Once the router is reset, you should have a password to access the router. You can reset password by using web browser of PC which is connected with router through Ethernet. The URL you have to type in address bar of the browser is or or can be varied. You will be asked to put Username and Password, and then you need the manual. If you don’t have that manual, then go to This site is available to find password and username of every router created.

Router Passwords, How To, Hack Wifi

You need the model number of router which you can find on bottom or back of the router. You will be able to see a pattern having username and password. Most people don’t care about changing the passwords; you can do it before resetting. Once you reached the interface of router, go in to the settings of Wi-Fi, Turn-ON the wireless networks and then enter a password which is easy for you to remember. At last, you will not want that the neighbors can use your internet without taking permission from you.

Break the code

As you are not here to know about resetting the router rather you are more interested in cracking the password of a Wi-Fi.

If you search on hacking Wi-Fi password then you will find many variations and software on different sites where the scams, adware and bots are dispensing like snake oil. Download any software at your own risk for PC. It is better to use a PC which you can afford to get affected by using this method. Many tools can be installed due to antivirus installed in your PC.

Cracking the strong passwords is a real trick now days. One of the tools is Reaver which can do it for you. You require a command line to use it, or you have to buy $65, hardware device which works on Mac and Windows. After some hours of trying brute force attack, you will be able to find a password. It will only work if the router has strong signals and WPS is turned ON. In WPS you can press the button on the router and Wi-FI device and they will link and search each other automatically. It generally cracks the password in around 24 hours.

If your WPS is not turning OFF properly but it’s the only way and if you are concerned about attacks on your router, then buy a router which does not support WPS.