Plagiarism Checker Tool

One of the major issues that the academia faces today is plagiarism, regardless of the location of that academic institution. More and more, universities are getting alarming numbers of students caught cheating in the form of plagiarism. In one research study from 2011, the results found out that the cases of plagiarism have increased rapidly in the span of the previous 10 years. This is the main reason why a lot of Plagiarism Checker Tool and its kinds have already been made. That is, to check whether a student has committed plagiarism in his or her paper.

Plagiarism is considered cheating, in all of its forms. Whether it is an idea, interpretation, or written piece, taking someone else’s work without permission is considered as plagiarism. This means that not only concrete things such as money or gadget can be stolen away from you because your own thoughts, opinions, and ideas may also get stolen away from you through plagiarism.

There are countries that actually tolerate plagiarism. For instance, the country of China does not see plagiarism to be very harmful at all. As long as the works of their people help the country in general, they will not see plagiarism as a very serious academic crime.

Other countries like Spain and Britain are fighting hard to defeat the continuing epidemic of plagiarism because it is already ruining their education system. Both countries are making continuous efforts to defeat the expansion of academic dishonesty in their academia.

Unfortunately, technology is one of the main reasons why plagiarism is being committed. It is ironic that technology itself, the one that helps people exchange information in a faster and better way than any other means, is also the one that promotes plagiarism by having people relentlessly copy contents or written pieces from other websites without permission from the original authors.

As much as possible, plagiarism should be combatted for it only kills the purpose of learning. For this reason, educators do their best to teach their students what plagiarism is and why it should not be committed. In addition, our world is fortunate enough today to have helpful plagiarism detecting tools such as the Plagiarism Checker Tool which helps both students and teachers alike in combatting plagiarism.