Save Password

Browsers are forever changing, coming up with new features, and improving performance to be useful to users. They offer to save your usernames and passwords to make the web convenient for you. One of the problems involved with having your usernames and passwords saved on your web browser is risking your security. Although this may or may not be a reason, you may just not want your browser to save your passwords. It’s especially relevant to note that popular password managers like 1Password or LastPass will be any day better than your browser’s built-in password manager.

There seem to be quite a lot of people searching for answers to how to stop your browser from asking to save passwords on the internet, and this article aims to address exactly that. Let’s walk through the process for all popular browsers.

Google Chrome

In Chrome for desktop, click menu > Settings, and then “Show advanced settings”. From there, under “Passwords and forms”, uncheck “Offer to save passwords with Google Smart Lock for Passwords.

If you want to see or delete remembered passwords, click “Manage passwords”.

Save Password - google chrome

Click menu > Settings in Chrome for iPhone, iPad, or Android, and tap the “Save Passwords” option under Basic and set it to “Off”.

If you have any saved passwords, you’ll see a list that you can manage on this screen. To edit the list of passwords, tap “Edit”.

Save Password - Chrome for iPhone

Mozilla Firefox

On Firefox, click menu > Options. Locate the “Security” tab to the left side of the options page, click it, and uncheck “Remember logins for sites”.

To see or delete remembered passwords, click the “Saved Logins” button.

Save Password - Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

If you’re using Safari on a Mac, click Safari > Preferences. Click the “AutoFill” tab and uncheck “User names and passwords”.

To see remember Usernames and passwords, click the “Edit” button to the right of User names and passwords or click the “Passwords” icon at the top of preference window. From there, you can remove saved passwords.

Save Password - Apple Safari

On iPad or iPhone, go to Settings > Safari > AutoFill, and disable the “Names and Passwords” option.

Head to Settings > Safari > Passwords to see remembered passwords, and if you’d like, remove them.

Save Password - Safari for iPhone

Microsoft Edge

If you’re on Windows 10 and using Microsoft Edge, click menu > Settings. At the bottom of the Settings pane, click the “View advanced settings” button. Towards the bottom, click “Privacy and services” section and turn off “Offer to save passwords”.

To see or remove the passwords Edge already remembers, click the Manage my saved passwords”.

Save Password - Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer

Click menu > Internet Options, the “Content” tab and then to the right of AutoComplete, click the “Settings” button. Uncheck the “user names and passwords on forms” option.

Furthermore, to see or remove remembered passwords, click the “Manage Passwords” button.

Save Password - Internet Explorer

Finally, if your browser is not listed here, you’ll go about pretty much the same way. Head over to “options” of your browser and try finding something similar to “remember passwords”, “saved passwords”, or “usernames and passwords.