iPhone Tricks , IT Tips and Tricks

The iPhone is becoming a wide spread gadget all over the world. It is a sign of style, prestige and comfort. Over the last few years some innovative tools have been introduced to the world of iPhone to make it more users friendly. Although there are several amazing features in any iPhone, but still a long list of features is still unrevealed.  When any of these easy to deal with features are presented before the user he feels that it was a world that never existed for him. To know these hidden features before they came up before you as a hidden world of wonder the following iPhone tips and tricks might be helpful.

Make Your iPhone More Secure And Safe

iPhone wants the user to enjoy this impressive tool with extreme security and safety. In order to ensure safe usage, a four digit password has been replaced with the six digit password. It is recommended that it should not be limited to only digits or alphabets but rather it should be a combination of both. This alphanumeric password can give better security.

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Customize The Messages For Unattended Calls

If you are busy enough to attend any call, then the best solution is to send a prompt message to your caller on the other hand. Although these messages are available in the input of the iPhone, but they can be customized according to your own choice. These customized iPhone messages are a great alternative to the voice messages. Once the messages are customized they can be sent to any one, anytime, and anywhere when you are not able to answer your caller. Sometimes you want to explain why you’re not picking up. iOS let you quickly respond to a call with a text message.

Remind Me Later

You missed a call, you had to make a call as soon as you are free, but in both cases the humanistic traits force you to forget when you have to actually make a call or do a particular task. to resolve this embarrassing situation, iOS system has added the reminder function. This can give you a built in system that alarms you as the time comes and you have to complete the task.  In the latest version this feature can be accessed by tapping above the slide while in the older version it was done by upward sliding. Similarly, you can easily add the work reminders by adding the option of time and place.

Customized Ringtones and Alert Tones in iTune

Do you want your iPhone to sound unique every time you get a notification or the call? It is no longer a dream that cannot come true. You have the choice to get any of your favorite tracks from the extensive iTunes library. If you find to difficult to use the feature, you can easily listen to or watch the tutorials available online. The tunes and the tracks that are short, comprehensive can be easily played. While creating your own piece of music in .m4a format keep in mind that it should not be too long. Once done convert them into .m4r and reimport to your iTunes library.